Optical observations of NEA 162173 (1999 JU3) during the 2011-2012 apparition

1. Abstract

Near-Earth asteroid (hereafter NEA) 162173 (1999 JU3) is a potential target of two asteroid sample return missions not only because of its accessibility but also because of the first C-type asteroid for exploration missions. The lightcurve related physical properties of this object were investigated during the 2011-2012 apparition. We aim to confirm the physical parameters useful for JAXAs Hayabusa 2 mission such as rotational period, absolute magnitude and phase function. Our data complement previous studies which did not cover low phase angles. With optical imagers and 1-2m class telescopes, we acquired the photometric data at different phase angles. We independently derived the rotational lightcurve and the phase curve of the asteroid. For details, see Kim et al. 2013, A&A, 550L, 11 or ArXiv:1302.4542

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Light curves
1999 JC3

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