The EPOCH Project : EROS-2 Periodic Variable Star Classification
Using Machine Learning

  EPOCH aims to detect and classify periodic variable stars in the EROS-2 light curve database including the Large/Small Magellanic Cloud (LMC/SMC), the Galactic bulge, and the spiral arm database. We use supervised machine learning methods to select/classify variable candidates.

I. Periodic Variables in the EROS-2 LMC Database

  The catalog contains 150,115 variable candidates selected from the 29 millon EROS-2 LMC sources using the Random Forest method (Kim et al. 2014, accepted for publication in A&A; arXiv). Each source is crossmatched with 1) the MACHO and OGLE variable catalogs, and 2) the UCAC4, 2MASS, and SAGE catalogs.

EROS-2 Periodic Variables

  The EROS-2 light curves of the variables are available to download in the following table. See Figure 1 for the distribution of EROS-2 fields in the sky.

EROS-2 field
Light curve
1 ~ 10 download
11 ~ 20 download
21 ~ 30 download
31 ~ 40 download
41 ~ 50 download
51 ~ 60 download
61 ~ 70 download
71 ~ 80 download
81 ~ 88

EROS-2 LMC fields
Figure 1. EROS-2 LMC fields

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